Traktor Lamborhini Speedometer

Sprint 654-55 Sprint 664-60 Sprint 664-65 Sprint 674-70 Sprint 674-75 Sprint 684-85

R2 70 R2 80 R2 90 R2 100 Strike 80 Strike 90 Strike 90.4 Strike 100 Strike 105.4 Strike 115.4

Premium 850 Premium 950 Premium 1050 Premium 1060 Premium 1100 Premium 1300

Nitro 100 Nitro 110 Nitro 120 Nitro 130 Nitro VRT 100 Nitro VRT 110 Nitro VRT 120 Nitro VRT 130 Nitro R 90 Nitro R 100 Nitro R 110 Nitro R 120

Lamborghini: Monitor repair, ECU repair, electronic module repair, instrument cluster repair, speedometer repair
Do you offer a guarantee for your work?

We offer you a written guarantee on repairs carried out by us as well as on all components that have been replaced.

What is the technical equipment?

We have the latest equipment and the necessary knowledge in handling electronics.

Original or fake?

We avoid cheap Chinese fakes. We only use original parts and also used parts that are overhauled by us (there is a guarantee on these too!).

Risk estimate - what are the costs?

We offer a free diagnostic service. We DO NOT CHARGE if nothing has been done. The only costs you incur are the shipping costs!!!

What are your goals as a service provider?

We are always very satisfied when our help and service satisfies you.

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We are in development and are slowly improving our performance while leaving our competitors far behind.