Agricultural vehicles

Speedometer and electronics repair – combine harvesters and tractors

Combine harvesters and tractors in particular are placed under extremely difficult working conditions. The consequences are problems with the correct operation of the speedometers and all displays. A common error is: defective keys or entire keyboard. Often there is also the problem of a complete failure of the speedometer.

We have experience in the speedometer repair of the brands: Claas, Fendt, John Deere, New Holland, Massey Ferguson and others.

We are very pleased to introduce a new service for speedometer repair in agricultural machines!

Even if only the display glass is undamaged, we can still repair your speedo. So it will be fully operational again for many years. We offer you an inexpensive repair with a full warranty. Here you can save several hundred euros and have a full warranty!

FENDT 512C                                                                                           Fendt 920 Vario