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5038D 5039D 5042D 5045D 5045D 5047D 5050D 5055D 5045E 5055E 5065E 5075E 5085E 5100E 5075GN 5080G 5090G 5090GN 5100GF 5100GN 5065M 5070M 5075M 5080M 5085M 5090M 5095M 5100M 5100M 5100MH 5100ML 5105M 5115M 5115ML
6520 Premium 6620 Premium 6820 Premium 6920 Premium 6920S Premium 6215 6215 6415 6515 6615 6715 6230 6330 6430 6100D 6105D 6110D 6115D 6125D 6130D 6140D 6105E 6110E 6120E 6125E 6135E 6110J 6125J 6145J 6165J 6180J
7220 7320 7420 7520 7720 7820 7920 7730 7830 7930 7020 7520 7610 7710 7810 7200R 7210R 7215R 7230R 7250R 7260R 7270R 7290R 7310R
8100 8200 8200T 8300 8300T 8400 8400T 8120 8120T 8220 8220T 8320 8320T 8420 8420T 8520 8520T 8130 8230 8230T 8330 8330T 8430 8430T 8530
John Deere: Monitor Reparatur, Steuergeräte Reparatur, Elektronische Module Reparatur, Kombiinstrument Reparatur, Tachoreparatur
Do you offer a guarantee for your work?

We offer you a written guarantee on repairs that have been carried out by us, as well as on all components that have been replaced.

How is the technical equipment?

We have the latest equipment and the necessary electronics skills.

Original or fake?

We avoid cheap Chinese counterfeits. We only use original parts and also used parts that are overhauled by us (there is a guarantee for these too!).

Risk estimate - what are the costs?

We offer a free diagnostic service. We DO NOT CALCULATE if nothing has been done. The only cost you have to pay is shipping !!!

What are your goals as a service provider?

We are always very satisfied when you are satisfied with our help and service.

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